ThinkSafe prides itself in offering a managed service to our clients that allows us to stay up to date with your changing business needs


Personal Client Manager

Become a member with ThinkSafe and you will immediately be allocated a personal Client Manager. Your Client Manager will be your 'go to' person during business hours for any Health and Safety questions or advice.

Client Managers have a schedule of contact times for you, throughout the year including:

  • Implementation – after signing up your Client Manager will be in touch to run through the implementation of your Health and Safety system and answer any initial questions you may have
  • 6 month check in – half-way through each year your Client Manager will touch base with you to check how things are going
  • 10 month check in – designed to make sure we keep up to date with any changes in your business before your membership rolls over to a new year.
  • Renewal Check In – from Year 2 onwards you will also receive a Renewal Check-In to make sure you’re confident with the implementation and continued use of your Health and Safety system.


  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Yearly review survey
  • Industry incident alerts in the form of a safety share
  • Prequalification reviews on your behalf
  • Risk assessment development
  • Incident support
  • Incident investigation review and feedback
  • On-call support when required
  • Access to extensive resource library
  • Unlimited access to online implementation guide