Health and Safety NZ Package

ThinkSafe Package - Occupational Health and Safety NZ

From small home-based business to large-sized manufacturer we look forward to helping you manage your NZ Health and Safety requirements.

A ThinkSafe Health and Safety representative will discuss your business or workplace requirements and answer your questions.

We’ll send through an email with additional information to help you make an informed decision about becoming a ThinkSafe member.

Our ThinkSafe technical team will then create a tailor-made user friendly occupational health and safety package for your workplace.

Occupational Health and Safety - ThinkSafe - Forestry

Occupational Health and Safety - ThinkSafe

You’ll be sent a ThinkSafe NZ Health and Safety package including:

  • already completed risk assessments for you to revise
  • a NZ Health and Safety plan
  • a hazard board       
  • emergency response procedures
  • training, hazardous substances, machinery plant and equipment registers
  • staff induction checklist
  • contractor management process
  • other useful tools and resources
  • a step by step occupational Health and Safety implementation guide


Simply connect your new USB drive, revise the risk assessments we’ve filled out for you and implement the other resources.

We’ll follow up with you soon after.
We’re available 24/7 on free phone 0800 600 004 for any questions. Phone or email us today.

Latest ThinkSafe members

Occupational Health and Safety NZ - ThinkSafe - Education


Health and safety for boards of trustees and school leaders is a massive issue for education facilities to grapple with right now. Current resources available to educational facilities are cumbersome.  ThinkSafe can create a fit for purpose, powerful yet practical Health and Safety solution for your education service.

Occupational Health and Safety NZ - ThinkSafe - Events


Events should be fun for those involved, as well as provide safe environments. The public has an expectation and a right to be safe at all public and private events. Those holding such events have a responsibility to guarantee their attendees the safest environment practicable. ThinkSafe can help keep your events safe

Adventure tourism

New Zealand is well known for its adventure tourism. Under normal conditions, these operations proceed with little or no problems. However, when something goes wrong, either as the result of a natural hazard or a man-made hazard, then local emergency management and emergency agencies become involved and there can be serious consequences for event organisers and councils. Contact ThinkSafe today to help keep your adventure tourism activities safe.


Many businesses are being asked by existing or prospective clients to submit their health and safety plan as part of a pre-qualification process.

ThinkSafe can assist you with pre-qualification for clients