Workplace Health and Safety Policy made easy with ThinkSafe!

ThinkSafe will help you take ownership of your occupational health and safety in employment obligations to fulfil your primary duty of care.  

With our tailor made easy-to-use health and safety package, including risk assessments, there’s no complicated paperwork. 

Choose an electronic or paper-based system – neither will take up much of your time.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 businesses have primary responsibility for the health and safety of their workers and any other workers they influence or direct.

This includes volunteers and the general public.

ThinkSafe is like having your own dedicated health and safety manager onsite. Our package makes it easy for you to monitor workplace health and safety hazards, and to train employees on health and safety procedures. You will keep your staff safe, meet all legal requirements and keep your business protected.

It's that easy. Just start here.

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ThinkSafe’s annual membership starts at $400 +GST and includes:

  • a ‘fit for purpose’ Health & Safety system for your workplace
  • an organized way to engage with your workers on NZ Health and Safety
  • on call support
  • assistance with pre-qualification questionnaires 
  • 24/7 assistance if an incident occurs
  • information on Health and Safety legislative updates
  • extra Health and Safety risk assessments developed on demand as your business grows or changes
  • a cost effective simple alternative to expensive Health and Safety software

Tailor-made with ThinkSafe

ThinkSafe provides high quality comprehensive health and safety management solutions for small to large businesses in New Zealand including:

  • primary industry
  • transport
  • manufacturing and trade
  • health, education and social services
  • IT, communication, administration
  • hospitality and accommodation
  • sales and retail
  • arts, entertainment, tourism and events.

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ThinkSafe for guidance

ThinkSafe is a system based on simplicity, guidance, service and support. It’s a way for you to identify and take practical steps to manage any occupational health and safety risks to the people in your workplace.

Most of the work has been done for you. Simply connect our USB drive, revise the risk assessments we’ve filled out for you, and implement. We’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you.

Once your system is in place, ThinkSafe will provide ongoing advice and 24/7 telephone incident support, should you need it.

We’ll be in touch six-monthly to see if you need anything else.

Tracey Mckenzie, dairy farmer

Health and Safety Policy NZ - ThinkSafe - Tracey MckenzieWhen Balclutha dairy farmers Tracey and Cameron McKenzie left their family farm and went out on their own, responsibility for the health and safety of anyone visiting or working at the farm fell on their shoulders. 

Tracey says ThinkSafe offered a package unique to their 380 cow operation and made her reflect on things she needed to have in place.  After receiving the package she now feels more at ease.

We hadn’t really thought about it before because it had just been us two but with contractors, truck drivers and workers in the shed, we knew we wanted to have something very effective in place. 

Tracey Mckenzie, dairy farmer.

Rod McDonald, Winemaker

Health and Safety Policy NZ - ThinkSafe - Rod McDonaldRod needed a package for his five Hawke's Bay vineyards, winemaking factory, and cellar door. He employs 20 staff and hundreds of contract staff over the summer. A perfectionist at heart Rod came to ThinkSafe because of its adaptability and ease of implementation. 

Rod says "We needed a platform that we could tune to our own varied needs that could also be understood and used by everyone in the business and achieve our legal obligations in a safe working environment." 



We're rapt to have found ThinkSafe and would recommend it as a practical and cost-effective way to construct a health and safety programme.

Rod McDonald, Winemaker

Nicky Solomon - real estate

Health and Safety Policy NZ - ThinkSafe - Nicky SolomonNicky and husband Derek run RE/MAX FIRST LIGHT Solomon Realty Ltd employing 5 staff in the Gisborne-based real estate agency.
Busy with projects outside of work and a family, Nicky chose ThinkSafe in order to take the drudgery out of health and safety compliance. 

Nicky says she’s “super grateful” to ThinkSafe for taking the headache out of this issue and at reasonable price.

Forget about endless pages of dusty manuals and that awful feeling of not knowing where to start. ThinkSafe offered a simple and practical approach to addressing health and safety requirements – I can’t believe I’m saying this but it almost feels like fun! 

Nicky Solomon, RE/MAX First Light

Below is indicative of the variety of industries ThinkSafe provides for ranging from sole traders to organisations with 250 employees. 

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 ThinkSafe caters for any industry of any size. Contact us today!

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